People customize almost everything, when you get your new phone you first change the background with a picture of your own. Why? Because then it’s really yours. Same as the background of your computer screen, you want to make it your own. Something you love to look at but you also want to let it look special and unique.

There are many options for customizing items, such as birth gifts, a unique birthday present in which someone has his / her name on it and you can now also design your own sneakers.

Assembling your own flip flops or choose the ready-made Owniez is a unique concept. The possibilities are endless, you can combine different sole colours with a cool print, your own photos and a great text and the finishing touch with a comfortable trendy strap.

Find a modern print that is matching with all your summer outfits and take those unique flip flops with you to the boulevard or to the beach. Or get inspired by the Owniez ready-made flip flops that are always the latest fashion trends.

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