People and too small flip flops, why?

People and too small flip flops!

Since we design Owniez we look at all different flip flops and feet. I hadn’t noticed before how many people, adults and children, are walking on too small flip flops. There are really a lot of them, look this summer or when you are on holiday at all the flip flops around you. It might also be good to have a look for your own, put them on and make sure that your entire foot is on the sole.

But why do people buy too small flip flops? Is it vanity? Or would you rather have smaller feet. It doesn’t matter in terms of price, a smaller or larger pair of flip flops costs the same. Or did you not have enough choice in the store in your own size?

Some people do it to stand out. Kanye West did it last year, he arrived at a wedding in a super expensive brand suit with underneath flip flops that were certainly 3 sizes too small. A lot was written and talked about. In his case, of course, it was an advertising stunt … because all the attention went to his flip flops instead of his wonderful suit.

How should flip flops fit?

When you wear flip flops, there should be some distance between your feet and the edge of the sole to keep your feet from banging against surfaces. The straps must fit your foot well. If the straps are too large, you can easily slip out of your flip flops and that can be dangerous.

Normal feet do not exist. Is that bad? No, but it can be difficult. As a woman with a shoe size larger than size 42, it is difficult and almost impossible to purchase super nice and trendy slippers. If you have a high instep and the straps are always too tight or if you have a very narrow foot and the strap never fits properly, you would rather not walk on flip flops. Fortunately, at Owniez you can customize your own flip flops and all the above problems have been solved for you.

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