Dare to be Different as a Retailer.

How cool would it be for every retailer to have your own print or design in different colours and sizes of flip flops in your shop that are matching with the fashion collection that you are already selling in your shop? With OWNIEZ flip flops it’s possible to have your own designed and fashion matching flip flops.


Flip flops as an accessory
Your flip flops are going to be a great accessory to combine with the collection that you are selling. Accessories and clothing have equal significance in an outfit, working together to create an ensemble that expresses the style of your customers.

Personalization is hot
“If you take a look at trends in consumer and retailer shops now, there’s an underlying cultural demand for custom consumer products,” This is only set to rise as technology makes it easier for retailers to buy tailor-made products. Customization isn’t a new concept, it is the original form of producing clothing and shoes used to be individually made for their users by tailors and dressmakers.


Growing opportunity for retailers
We believe that everybody would like to buy unique clothes and accessories instead of buying mass production. You will attract customers to your shop when you offer exclusively designed flip flops that are matching the products of your collection. The best way for cross-selling.

Let’s start
Go to ‘let’s connect’ at the end of the page and leave your information. Together we are going to make a moodboard with the styles, brands and patterns you bought for your new collection. After that, we go and work on your unique design(s). We customize the OWNIEZ flip flops that are fashionable, comfortable and will increase the sales in your store.


When the season is going to start, you will receive your designed OWNIEZ flip flop collection. With every pair of OWNIEZ Flip Flops you also receive a cotton reusable give away bag.

If you are interested in designing your OWNIEZ flip flops collection or for more information, please let’s connect.

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